Today we want to share a big scandal or scam which is happening with innocent people who are seeking jobs. There is a group active in Islamabad and other major cities  that post jobs on Rozee and mustakbil and a lot of other websites and low profile newspapers. Once you submit your cv they will send you an email that you been selected for job and only u need to give test/interview for final selection.They declare themselves a semi government organization.

They will say that they will give you email form that you print and bring with you on interview day. Submit 1250 rupees in the bank acunt to get that interview form. Interview will be held at meriot hotel islamabad.
Friends all this is scam they dont even exist nor they select anyone and we think meriot hotel has equal part in it because they provide them security.

Please share it with your friends that there is not private job for which you need to submit fee first.So be aware of this and protect yourself and others also and try to capture them in any way.

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