The United States educational foundation in Pakistan

Fulbright foreign language teaching assistant (FLTA) program 2013- 2014

The United States educational foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) invites applications from teachers (age 21-29) f English at college/university level for the foreign language teaching assistant (FLTA) program. FLTAs from Pakistan will teach Urdu, Pashto or Punjabi at U.S campuses during their 9-month grant beginning in fall 2013.

Application deadline: June 12, 2012

For more information and application form, please visit our website:

Women, minorities and persons from (FATA) Gilgit/ Baltistan and other remote areas, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged. To apply.

The united states educational foundation in Pakistan
Program department, P.O. Box 1128, Islamabad -44000
Phone: 051-8431300 Fax: 051-8431555

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