Umaima AminKarachi, Though Pakistan is facing a very tough situation and it is very critical when we talk about peace and education but youngsters like Arfa Karim and Ali Moeen Nawazish emerge as stars among others and create a hope for the best future of Pakistan.

Seventeen-year-old Umaima Amin is a latest induction in the Young and Bright stars list. She has become a pride of Pakistan as she scored top position in O Level business studies in the University of Cambridge International Examination which was held recently in 2011.

Aspiring Umaima wants to change the fate and future of the country. Though she is in search of the way and opportunity to serve her beloved country, she also desires to join politics so as to transform Pakistan into an Islamic welfare state.

Umaima expressing concern over the ongoing weakening law and order situations, she said all the situations brought a distress to her. “Please, stop the bloodshed for God sake,” Umaima appeals to all those involved in that menace.

Umaima said about her educational career that she had been a prominent student during her entire educational span. She was thankful to Allah Almighty for the achievement. She pays the credit of her distinction to her family, particularly her mother; however, she strictly criticized the KESC for long time load shedding that displeased her particularly during the examinations.

Umaima told that she used to spend 5 hours on her studies regularly. She criticized the society for not giving a much heed to girls education as it is very much needed to support the country’s status quo. She praised her father for his support to her studies and achievement.

Umaima was of the view that Pakistani youth were less than none and said that the issue that forces them to remain behind was lack of opportunities for them to explore their talent. She was of the view that if leaders become loyal to the nation and the country, Pakistan would become Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan.

If she happens to be Prime Minister of Pakistan, first of all she would ensure the establishment of quality education to all Pakistani children as to her education is the key of a nation’s success. Then she would like to contribute for the nation in the field of education. She presented the example of a government school, located near her resident and said that she feels deep grief when sees ruining public education sector in Pakistan that resulted in destruction of a large number of Pakistani children.

She expressed displeasure over society’ behavior and said that unfortunately due to some reasons, some people remained behind sense despite being formally educated and spread corruption and moral default in the society. Telling her own experience, she said that at several stages, she faced discrimination due to wearing ‘Hijab’. She said that unfortunately minor but dominant corrupt elements of the society compelled one to sense of inferiority, if someone wants to follow the right way but it is the duty of the society members to raise their voice against wrongdoings and doers.

In her message to Pakistani youth, she urged them to speak out over injustice, whenever they see them around themselves, however one should respect his or her parents and teachers.

She also pleaded students, particularly girls not to deceive their parents, as saying that in past even some of her fellows used to come in veil from home but do a lot, while hiding from their parents, what they should not. She further said that one should never forget moral values and ethics.

Nadia and Safia, teachers of Umaima, who taught her business studies at the Dawood Public School, said that there was a quality in Umaima, which eminent her in the class from other students, that she used to ask everything during and after lecture, which she did not understand. They further said that Umaima is an ambitious student, having good approach, attitude and focus, which were the qualities that supported her to have a brilliant success.
Umaima’s teachers were expecting ‘A’ grade for her but she done a remarkable job. They expressed wonderful future for her.

Pakistan is definitely a place where we find a huger number of talented and bright students and youth but there is need to polish them, to give them facilities and find their talent and give them opportunities to explore their talents.

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